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About CC Kitchen Bath Cabinets Countertops
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Our Process

Step 1

Initial Consultation and Planning Contact CC Kitchen Bath Cabinets Countertops to schedule your initial consultation, discuss your needs, and receive a project estimate.

Step 2

Visit our showroom to select countertop materials, finalize design details, and confirm your order.

Step 3

Fabrication, Installation, and Finalization We’ll install your countertops within five days, and enjoy your upgraded spaces!

About Us

With wholesale remodeling shops in Houston and New Orleans, CC Kitchen Bath Cabinets Countertops has a selection you can't pass up. We make it possible for you to get the countertops and cabinets you desire without any wait. Our high-quality products are always IN STOCK, so you can quickly update the look of your space.

Kitchens and bathrooms call for pristine counters and organization solutions. These rooms are sanctuaries and deserve nothing less than the highest-quality finishes and coatings. That's why we always have the best oak, birch, marble, and granite available. That way, you can find something that suits your home and its aesthetics.

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We're A Wholesaler That Handles
Remodeling Projects of All Sizes

From the moment you visit, you will find a plethora of kitchen and bathroom remodeling supplies. In addition to working with homeowners and the general population, we handle remodeling project requests from contractors, installers, and interior designers.

Because we know you want results fast, we respect your time schedules. We do this by providing two- to three-day supply pickup and five-day installation.

If selection and quality matter to you, you're going to find a lot here. Expect to find a plethora of wholesale cabinets in colors, finishes, and options you'll love. If you're taking your time when deciding what kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets fit best, this site will help you. Take your time to look through and find something that fits your home. We even offer countertop installation and cabinet installation. We'll see you soon!

CC Company Policy

CC cabinets and countertops are made of natural materials, so slight color and grain variation should be expected. The original purchaser acknowledges that natural wood may vary in texture, color, and wood grain by purchasing the product, and it may exhibit subtle changes as it ages. Sunlight, smoke, moisture, household cleaners, and other environmental conditions may cause the materials to vary from their original color and warp, split, or crack. These variations are considered natural and related to the product's environmental exposure and are not covered under the CC warranty.


CC Kitchen Bath Cabinets Countertops has received opened boxes with many missing pieces. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect all the products or installations before acceptance. All stone products are natural. Each piece is different and will vary from showroom samples. Please inspect all merchandise before installing. After installation, the customer has to SEAL it again every 6 months for protection on granite or marble tops. Expect a 15% service fee for all exchanges after ordering. No returns or exchanges will be allowed for any item or box that has been opened.


Returns of unopened packages are allowed if there are no visible damages. They must be returned within 24 hours from the time the product is received. A 25% restocking fee will be applied to all returns in the original box. Expect a 15% service fee for all exchanges after ordering. No returns or exchanges will be allowed for any item or box that has been opened.


Shipping generally takes 2-7 days for our customers after payment is processed. The customer is responsible for all shipping fees. Shipping quotes can be obtained by sending us an estimated weight and zip code. When the shipment is received, the customer must check the packing slip to report any missing cabinets or visible damages to the shipping company at that time. Any concealed damages must be reported within 24 hours after received. Digital pictures also need to be provided for us to process the claim.


We're directly serving homeowners.


For CC Kitchen Bath to honor our listed pricing, customers must have an open and active account with us. You must supply us with a city or occupational business license and also Your EIN and State Tax Number. Please keep this current and update us on any changes. WE CANNOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH ANY OF THESE MISSING.

Reserves / Inventory

CC Kitchen Bath cannot reserve products for clients. Our inventory changes every day and every second, and every order is slightly different from the next. We will only pack and reserve orders that have been paid in full with a signed invoice. Just contact us if you have any questions about this.


Sorry! CC Kitchen Bath does not offer credit at the moment. All sales must be paid in full before picking up or shipping out.

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